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Author Topic: Draft load list for Bonneville  (Read 12488 times)

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Offline hotrod

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Draft load list for Bonneville
« on: July 30, 2008, 04:10:08 PM »
The following is a load list for Bonneville I have been working on for some time. It is a dream sheet as if I had unlimited space and funds. My intent was to make a master list that could be whittled down by dropping things off the list. I used to work in emergency planning so it is organized by function or category so you can add things in each category according to what your car needs, and it gives a logical place to look for things as you massage and modify the list to suit your needs.

And no I don't have all this crap or the semi it would take to haul it! ;)


Equipment Load List / check off list
original draft 2006 (last edited 7/31/08 01:45)

Personal needs

Toilet paper
hand lotion
hand cleaner
sun screen
drinking water
Small backpack
digital camera w/ supplies
video camera

ear plugs/ear muffs
folding chair
Sleeping mat

often left behind things like driving shoes, helmets, competition licenses, certain tools, vehicle log, credit cards and cash, etc.

white Cotton terry towels to drape cooler (desert cooler by wet towels)
water bottles

First aid supplies
eye drops
new skin
H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide)


Vehicle registration information

Emergency contact info phone numbers for all crew
Key phone numbers for sponsors/key suppliers
Registration packet with all essential info

Cell phone with spare batteries and charger

Drivers license
proof of insurance
registration documents
car log book (tech inspection)
Car build book (all part numbers and settings and specifications)
Pictures of car and all equipment

Pit setup - Infrastructure

pit Fire extinguisher
Welders Fire blanket
Garden sprayer water filled (engine cooling and fire)
(3) 5 gal Jerry cans for water

Spare cockpit fire extinguisher
Spare fire bottle

canopy (sun)

ground cover
Roll 3 mil black construction plastic
large blue tarps
deck screws and washers for ground cover hold down
battery operated drill for setting screws

supports to get car up off of salt if heavy rains/wind blown water cause flooding

General purpose:

Bungee cords
nylon tie down straps
Jumper cables
Tow strap
pair of chains with jam hooks
(2) screw shackels

Crow bar
sledge hammer
3# hammer
wonderbar style pry bar
rocker head pry bar
tapered pin punch large
tapered pin punch small
brass drift
lead hammer

Pit service equipment:
(4) jack stands (base pads to protect tarp ground cover)
(2)drive on ramps
wheel chocks
assorted wood blocks
   4 (4x6 garden timber blocks)
   6 (2x4)
   8 (2x12 x 2 ft)
Under car work mats ( 2x4 and 3x3 sheets of masonite)
hydraulic floor jack (metal load spreader plates for under wheels)
pair of hydraulic bottle jacks

Engine hoist A frame and come-a-long, chain fall or what ever suits your needs
Folding table for light duty work
Knock down bench for vice etc.(heavy duty ballasted bench  Bolts to stand on work base of heavy plywood)
Engine stand

lug wrench
long 1/2 drive breaker bar
Rechargable electric impact wrench
Hand impact wrench (twist and hammer style)
stud remover cam socket

Kneeling pads
mechanics gloves
mechanics heat protective sleeves
"asbestos" gloves (heavy weight welders gauntlet gloves alternative)
Mechanics Thermotec Aluminized Heat Barrier blanket   PN#14001  40" X 36" with eyelets and short wire loops to hold it in place

large handheld trouble light (AA battery flourescent)
small hand held trouble light (AA battery flourescent)
flash light Large 3 D cell
flash light small 2 AA cell
spare batteries

Pit power and communications
portable generator
solar panel charger 12V
small air compressor w/tank
Car battery charger
FM Radio
CB radio

Fluid handling
Oil drain pans (Tupperware dish pans (17"x14"x6" -- 4.73 gal --  3ea )
small Plastic storage containers with snap top lids (14"x 10" x 7")
funnels (long reach fuel, long reach flexible for transmission, small general purpose)
5 gal fuel cans
Spare coolant Jugs
Spare water for WI system

Waste liquid removal cans 5 gallons
   Waste oils
   Waste coolant
bags kitty liter (spill control, floor dry etc) also (fire suppression)

Sealable containers for old oil, coolant carry out your own waste oil  (plastic jerry cans etc.)

Tool boxes (load list in separate doc)

Meteorological equipment

weather station
sling psycometer
wind gauge

Reference materials

List of key torque values for fasteners
List of key parts and part numbers

Pre race car check list ( prior to departure)
pre race car check list ( pit prep final checks)
Auto repair manuals
Factory service manuals
Chiltons manual

Pictures of all lines and wiring with labels

Tech Reference book, Auto math formulas with worked examples
note pad to log data and conditions
rule book

Spare parts list

Ignition system

Spark plugs 4 sets,
2 sets normal heat range
one set +1 colder
one set -1 hot

ignition parts, (coils, spark plug wires etc.)
Spare ECU

spare 12 V car battery
spare battery cables
spare fuses (add list of sizes in ref materials)
wire sheathing (wire loom tubing)
Zip ties

Spare battery cut off switch
Spare battery post lug for repairing battery cable
Crimp terminals and crimp pliers kit
shrink tubing

soldering gun (AC)
rosin core solder
solder flux
small prep brush (stainless steel tooth brush size)

Heat shield/protection

Aluminum foil tape
3M™ Fire Barrier Moldable Putty+ Pads (3M Id : 98-0400-5399-7)

Thermo Shield  Tape 1.5"x15' roll-  PN# 14002
Thermotec Aluminized Heat Barrier blanket   PN#14001  40" X 36"
 14005      3 ft. 1/4" - 1/2"
 14010      3 ft. 5/8 - 1"
 14015      3 ft. 1-1/8" - 1 1/2"
 14020      3 ft. 1-5/8" - 2"
 14025      3 ft. 2-1/8" - 2 1/2"

roll header wrap tape
aluminum foil (HD)

Spare LCD thermometers

Hard parts

Major component spares
spare short block (may need more than one for mulitiple class attempts)
spare cylinder heads
spare transmission
spare clutch and flywheel assy
spare rear differential

spare hood
spare radiator

spare minor components

1 set of pistons, and rings
1 set rod and main bearings
set of piston rings
spare connecting rod and wrist pin
spare wrist pin lock rings

Spare valve spring
spare valve spring retainers
spare valves (one cylinder set)

Belts and seals
V belts
cam drive belts
front  crank shaft seal
rear main seal engine.
Spare crankshaft pulley
Spare cam belt idler
Main shaft seal transmission (front)
Tail shaft seal transmission (rear)
Axle seals front transmission

spare motor mounts
spare tranny mount
spare engine oil drain plug (standard)
spare oil drain plug self tapping
spare oil pan

Spare drain plug transmission
Spare drain plug differential

spare U-joints
spare axles front
spare axles rear

Spare hood pins, and safety pins
Spare NASCAR roof rails
Spare windshield safety tabs

Accessories engine:
Spare alternator
Spare starter motor
Spare throttle cable
Spare throttle return springs

gaskets / hose
set of exhaust gaskets
set head gaskets
set intake manifold gaskets
set of spare gaskets unique to your setup
oil pan gasket
valve cover gaskets
front and rear main seals

fuel injector O-rings
spare fuel injector
spare fuel line hose
spare radiator hose
spare vacuum hose

Engine Cooling system
spare radiator cap
spare radiator hoses
hose clamps
water pump
over flow bottle and hose
Spare radiator fans
Spare radiator fan relay
radiator stop leak

Engine Oil cooler system
spare oil cooler core (engine)
spare forced air fan for oil cooler

Manual Transmission and clutch

Spare clutch disk
spare throwout bearing
Spare flywheel
clutch alignment tool
spare clutch fork and clutch return spring
Rebuild kit for hydraulic clutch
fitting and hose for clutch hydraulics
Spare transmission lube cooler core, pump and hose

Automatic transmission

Spare oil pan
spare gasket set
spare oil filter
Spare ATF
Oil cooler and hose repair parts
seals and tail shaft bearings etc.
Spare torque converter ( normal and different stall )
Tranny blanket scatter shield

Intercooler heat managment:

air to air intercoolers:
Forced air fans
FMIC water spray pump
FMIC water spray nozzles
FMIC water spray solenoid
FMIC water spray boost pressure trigger switch

liquid to air intercoolers:
spare cap for tank
spare gasket for tank cap
spare valves / fittings for coolant lines
Container to fill and drain cooler contents


Spare oil pump
3 oil filters

Case engine oil
Transmission lube
differential lube
wheel bearing grease

fuel supply
fuel line
fuel line clamps
spare fuel pump
Fuel filter elements
AN repair seals

wheel bearings and seals
front wheel bearings and seals
rear wheel bearings and seals

Brake system

Brake fluid (1 qt)
spare brake lines
spare brake pads
spare bleeder fitting
spare brake caliper
spare clips and springs

Suspension / Wheels and tires

Spare lug nuts and washers.
Spare wheel and tire (mounted)
Spare valve stems and valve cores
Spare valve stem caps
Spare wheel studs

Spare springs (raise and lower car)
spring rubbers
spring snubbers to limit front end rise

Miscellaneous parts

throttle return springs
metal stock ( 1/8 x 1 inch steel strap)
flat plumbers strap
roll of sheet metal (aluminum flashing)
bamboo skewers ( small applicator, stirring sticks)
tongue depressors

Assorted nuts, bolts and washers
sheet metal screws
dutz fasteners

fastener safety supplies:
cotter pins
lock washers

safety wire supplies kit:
spools of safety wire
safety wire pliers
locking needle nose vice grips
small side cutters

Parachute related components:

Spares for chutes, tethers and attachment hardware

Aerodynamic aids

Grill block off plates, pre-cut with screws
Air dam materials.
alternate spoilers, with install kit of required fasteners
Aero-tape (racer tape to block seams)
car wax
spray bottle to clean car surface
windex for windows
cleaning rags

Ballast material with bolts and attachment hardware
Tape for Photo reference marks for at speed photos

Intake system
Air filter
spare FMIC tube couplers
spare T clamps for intercooler hose

Exhaust system

Spare studs / bolts and lock nuts
   cylinder head flange
Spare EGT probe and gauge

spare exhaust gaskets from cylinder head to end
tube anti-seize compound

Turbo equipment
Spare BOV
Spare BOV hose
Spare waste gate actuator and bracket/rod
hose for waste gate actuator
Spare boost controller
Spare turbocharger
Turbo heat shielding supplies
TEC heat blanket
Leather punch
lacing wire

Cooling and oil lines with banjo bolts (pre-assembled)

Crankcase vacuum system:
Spare pump
Spare air oil separator
Spare crankcase pressure/vacuum gauge

Engine electronics

Spare MAF sensor
Spare MAP sensor
Spare crank position sensor
Spare cam position sensor
Spare engine temp sender
Spare oil pressure warning light switch
Spare oil pressure gauge and sensor
Spare water temperature gauge

Water injection:
spare nozzles
inline filters
Spare solenoids
Spare pressure trigger switches
Spare power relay

spare pills
spare bottle
bottle heater

Tires and suspension:

tire pressure gauge
Tire thermometer
Tape measure for rollout measurements etc.

Consumables for the car

generic bearing grease
one case engine oil
Transmission Lube
Differential Lube
water wetter

brake fluid
brake pads

spray can starting fluid

Consumables for repairs

Trash and cleanup:
5 rolls paper towels
20 grease rags (red cloth)
box of trash bags (HD contractor clean up)
trash bag support frame for pits
Small broom
Foxtail brush and dust pan

Documentation / marking:
note pads yellow legal size
note pads pocket size
Mechanical pencils
magic markers ( sharpie)
Grease pencils
window white marker

In car video equipment
GPS unit with peak speed function

Car numbers

Sealants and special application supplies:
Gasket seal
aerosol can (copper coat)
permatex #2
silicone seal
Honda bond/Fuji bond

Epoxy 5 min self measuring double tube style.

Hot melt glue
Hot melt glue gun

3M spray adhesive

Permatex antiseize
Penetrating lubricants
liquid wrench

Locktite standard
Locktite stud and bearing
Locktite prep cleaner

Brake cleaner (non-chlorinated residue free)
1 qt acetone (for degreasing)
bottle windex

Fiberglass strapping tape
clear Poly tape

Thermal control testing kit:
probe Pyrometer
Infra-red thermometer

Electrical fabrication kit
electrical tape
liquid electrical tape
zip ties
shrink tubing
Wire crimp tool
crimp terminal kit
spare rolls of #12, #10, #14 #16 gauge wire
Ground straps

Electrical trouble shooting kit
Long #12 ga jumper with alligator clips
needle probe test light
Volt ohm meter
12 V test lamp with long leads
12v pizo buzzer continuity tester with long leads

Emergency fabrication supplies:
Pop rivets
pop rivet gun
battery powered electrical drill
Several sizes sheet metal screws (Pan head and hex head)
#6 x 1/2, #6 x 1, #10 x 1/2, #10 x 3/4, with appropriate drill bits
Assorted worm drive hose clamps
set of easy outs
sawsall w/ spare blades
diegrinder w/ abrasive cutoff wheels
4" right angle grinder w/ spare wheels

4" pad sanding disk (1/4 shaft)
assorted spare disks

small (threaded stud) sanding pads with mandrel (1/4 shaft)

small clearance right angle head drill rechargeable
Metal shears for sheet metal, straight, rt hand, lft hand
bolt cutters

Racers tape / duct tape
J B weld epoxy (3)

Black iron utility wire
safety wire (see safety wire kit)

Fiberglass patch kit:
Fiberglass cloth
Fiberglass mat
qt epoxy resin
Qt polyester resin
Can of body putty

special purpose tools

Engine diagnostic tools kit:
compression gauge
wide band O2 meter
lap top computer w/software
fuel pressure test equipment
hand vacuum pump kit
Vacuum gauge
Volt meter
OBDII scanner

Spark plug service kit:
spark plug gapping tool
spark plug magnifier
Spark plug socket with rubber grommet
hand drive disk
short extension
floppy head ratchet
shorty ratchet

Visual Inspection kit
magnifying glass
fiber optic bore scope
inspection mirror

Dropped part retrieval:
magnetic pickup tool
claw type pickup tool

Pressure switch testing and adjustment kit:
billet block to screw switch into
precision air pressure gauge
air pressure tank and regulator.

Engine assembly tools
Ring compressor

Torque wrench 3/8 and 1/2 drive
Torque angle gauge

Measuring tools:
Feeler gauges
0-1 micrometer
2-3" micrometer (main and rods)
3"- 4" micrometer (piston)
Telescoping gauges
0-6" vernier caliper
Tape measure

Wheel Alignment tools:
Tools to check camber / caster and Toe in
Plumb bob and masons twine
Toe in gauge

Battery service kit:
Battery post cleaning brush
small wire "tooth brush"
Battery post clamp puller (Claw foot clamp style)
Battery post clamp puller opposed jaw style

Specialty tools:

O-ring and seal picks
Cotter pin puller (hose hook)
Spring hook (T handle)
Spring pliers

Special sized punches or bushings for installing removing bearings and seals etc.
Special lift, or installation hardware for engines or other heavy components (ie chain bridle cut to proper size for engine and balance points needed to comfortably handle engine)
Wrist pin remover
Large allen sockets to remove engine plugs (1/2 drive)

pry bars (bent end screw driver type, large, med, and small)
Gasket scraper
Putty knife

Tap and Die kit:
assorted taps and dies as needed for your equipment

Scotch bright pads
steel wool
wire brush (welders hand held)
wire brush (cup 1/4 inch shaft)
wire brush (standard 1/4 inch shaft)

Files and sharpening, Material removal:
File large single cut mill file
Large double cut
Med single cut mill file
Fine small single cut mill file
triangular file
Rat tail file Large
Rat tail file med
Rat tail file small
chain saw sharpening round file
Jewelers files

Sharpening stone (ceramic)
Sharpening stone (diamond matrix)

Hack saw handle
Carbide grit hack saw blades
trimetal blades (assorted)
One handed hacksaw blade holder

Carbide cutters for die grinder

Rubber sanding drums with abrasive sleeves (1/4 shaft)


It is just a starting point to be modified to meet your individual needs and equipment inventory.
Hope it helps!

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Offline jacksoni

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Re: Draft load list for Bonneville
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2008, 04:48:58 PM »
And in the second tractor trailer you are going to put you and the race car! :-o :roll: :-D

Larry- are you going this year?
Jack Iliff
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Offline hotrod

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Re: Draft load list for Bonneville
« Reply #2 on: July 30, 2008, 04:57:31 PM »
And in the second tractor trailer you are going to put you and the race car!
Ahhh -- yeah bringing the car is a good idea! I should add that to the list somewhere.

Larry- are you going this year?

I'm not sure to be honest. I am getting new rear wheel bearings installed on my drive to bonneville clunker tomorrow. They need a special press and tools to do it right so paying a shop to do it.  I might drive out for a couple days but will make that decision here in a week or so as some other things get sorted out. I just moved and lots of things are up in the air right now.

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Re: Draft load list for Bonneville
« Reply #3 on: July 30, 2008, 06:57:08 PM »
Just a small hint. Keep those eye drops in the cooler. REFRESHING!


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Re: Draft load list for Bonneville
« Reply #4 on: July 31, 2008, 01:45:25 AM »
And I though my load list was long...

Thanks for posting yours. It might stop me waking in the night dreaming of what I forgot to pack. Now I just have to figure out how to get it all there....

A couple of additions:
First Aid - burn cream and gel pads (sun burn and touching hot engines)
 - Butterfly closures (for minorly deep cuts) - used them first myself when I learned engines were sharp suckers
Pit construction - 1 inch slats (cheap wood) - pre drilled to hold down edges of tarps in pit area screwed in with dry wall screws.
 - Rough door mats to wipe salty feet on before entering pit area
And if we are really getting carried away... I would like a hand held vacuum to clean out the salt from under the driver's feet - in the car!

Many thanks for starting this.


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Re: Draft load list for Bonneville
« Reply #5 on: July 31, 2008, 08:53:28 AM »
While we're on the subject of first aid -- Nancy and I carry a pretty-well stocked first aid kit in BOTH the trailer and the truck.  And the kits -- in plastic tackle boxes about a foot by 6" x 6" -- are very well marked so anybody can find them easily, and also they're packed right near a door -- so the responder doesn't have to dig for a half-hour to find it.  Last year we were helping with set up t SpeedWeek and on the very first day -- we'd only been on the salt for a half-hour or so -- one of the workers slipped and got a nasty abrasion on his shin.  Voila, we had the kit out and in use within a minute.

Pack your emergency supplies (including the fire extinguisher) in easy-to-access locations!
Jon E. Wennerberg
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Re: Draft load list for Bonneville
« Reply #6 on: July 31, 2008, 01:39:22 PM »
here's an old list

The Land Speed email list land-speed@autox.team.net came up with a pretty good checklist started by Keith Turk and Jim Dincau. Successful teams run with one time and time again. It is very critical that one be used and implemented. SO here is one to start with and you can modify it accordingly to your vehicle and/or needs.

Check lists for an F/SR (mechanical injection, unblown, gas, short course)
For bigger faster cars add parachutes, alcohol, nitrous, nitro, attendant
paraphernalia and a much more comprehensive spare parts list

1. Engine prep
2. Car Prep
3. Trailer Prep
4. Trailer loading
5. Pits Set up
6. Pre-race
7. Starting line
8. Shut down
9. Between run Maintenance

Engine prep

1. Portable fire extinguisher standing by
2. Check valve lash
3. Check main Jet
4. Check barrel valve leakdown
5. Set timing
6. Install warm up plugs
7. Fill radiator and bleed head
8. Fill fuel tank and bleed lines
9. Fill oil tank and bleed lines
10. Pre-heat oil
11. Prime oil system
12. Start
a. Fuel on
b. Power on
c. Starter engaged
d. Open throttle
e. Oil pressure
f. Close throttle
g. Ignition on
h. Maintain 2,000 RPM
13. Check oil pressure
14. Check for fuel, oil and water leaks
15. Set idle RPM
16. Check throttle response
17. Warm up and shut down, use fuel shut off!
18. Check valve lash
19. Check head bolt torque
20. Check oil filter screen
21. Check barrel valve leakdown if linkage adjusted
at throttle response check and note new rate
22. If all is OK, sit down, lean back, relax, have a
drink and revel in the glory of just being

Car Prep

1. Drain fuel tank
2. Check wheel bearings
3. Check fluids
a. Rear end
b. Trans
c. Engine oil
d. Battery
e. Radiator
4. Clutch adjusted
5. Tire Pressures
6. Moon disks on
7. Fire extinguisher and harness cert OK
8. Blow out fire extinguisher lines
9. Fittings and fasteners tight
10. Charge battery
11. Injector stack plugs in
12. Power off
13. Do the brakes work at all?

Trailer Prep

1. Wheel bearings
2. Tire pressures
3. Grease ball and load levelers
4. Spare tire present and actually inflated

Pack Trailer/motor home

1. Drivers gear
2. Tools
3. CO2 bottle
4. Tune up parts
a. Spark plugs
b. Jets
c. QC gears
5. Fluids
a. Fuel
b. Oil
c. Water (empty barrel, fill before arriving at track)
b. Brake cleaner
d. Hand cleaner
6. Spare parts
a. An endless list moderated by paranoia, cash reserves and storage space (see 1st Post)
7. Shop towels
8. Floor jack and stands
9. Tow Strap
10. Battery charger
11. Weather station
12. CB radio
13. Portable fire extinguisher
14. Trash bags
15. Tarp and stakes
16. Canopy
17. Coolers
18. Chairs
19. Table
20. Umbrella that clamps to roll cage
21. And oh yes the car, and make sure its tied down right

Pit set up

1. Cooler in shade
2. Tarp
3. Canopy
4. Car out
5. Tie downs stored, otherwise they will walk away
6. Car prepped for tech
a. Drivers gear
b. Log book
c. Tow strap
d. Moon disks off
e. CB radio
f. Portable fire extinguisher
g. Dzus button tool & dust cover allen wrench


1. Cooler still in shade
2. Tire Pressures
3. Lug nuts
4. Moon disks on
5. Fire bottle pin in
6. Fuel car
7. Check main Jet
8. Barrel valve leakdown
9. Timing
10. Warm up plugs
11. Pre-heat oil
12. Prime oil system
13. Injector stack plugs removed
14. Start and warm up, fire extinguisher standing by
15. Check oil pressure and idle RPM
16. Check for fuel, oil and water leaks
17. Check valve lash
18. Race plugs in
19. Injector stack plugs in
20. Gear ratio
21. Charge battery
22. Fill out race log page
23. Driver's gear, weather station, radio, fire extinguisher,
umbrella and small cooler with drinks in push truck
24. Cooler still in shade

Starting line

1. Injector stack plugs removed
2. Fire bottle safety pin removed
3. Reset tach
4. Driver prepared
a. Sufficiently hydrated?
b. Inhale deeply while starter tightens belts
5. Starting sequence
a. Fuel on
b. Power on
c. Starter engaged
d. Open throttle
e. Oil pressure
f. Close throttle
g. Ignition on
h. Check oil pressure and water temp
6. Check heart rate, if elevated you are ready to go
but wait for starters instructions anyway

SHUT DOWN Procedures

1. Calm down, you will be a lot cooler with the fire suit off
2. Pin fire bottle
3. Power off
4. Injector stack plugs in
5. Note data
a. Tach tell tale
b. Oil Temp
c. Water temp
d. Oil press out the back door
e. Barometer, relative humidity and air temp


1. Cooler still in shade
2. Record data from run, try to get driver to be objective with comments
3. Fuel car, note consumption
4. Check spark plugs and piston tops
5. Check valve lash
6. Check oil filter screen
7. Check oil level
8. Charge battery
9. Check for loose, cracked, broken, bent or missing components

Hope this will help to get you started down the track safely.


Mike M.
ECTA Record Holder/Former Bonneville Record Holder