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Author Topic: Austin / Austin  (Read 1718 times)
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Age: 76
Location: tucson az.
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« on: November 26, 2015, 01:45:12 PM »

 grin grin  Steve Anderson , 1950's .   My Uncle Jimmy has a record of a motorcycle at B'ville .  The motor breaks up a little get started through the gears , but soon smooths out as it hits its stride .. OH HOW SWEET!!  1960's , high school auto shop , I put rod brg's in PLY. 6 , it wont turn over  even with push ,so loosen rod bolts and it turns over !!  First car '29 Mod. A , put ring gear on other side , 3 reverse gears !!  First job at Bob Looneys ESSO station in Kensington MD.   Pump gas ,change oil, search under back seats for loose change ..   Garage next door (owned by Costa Rica guy , who I work for  later) has '57 Chevy w/ 6 / 2  bbls , '58 Corvette, (the best Vetts ) .  Next door is a plumbing shop with a guy who gets off work , fires up his '50 Ply and immediately floors it screaming out in to the street and around corner as fast as it will go !!   Buy '52 FORD and life takes off (not that I realized IT THEN ) .. Heat frt. springs, red rims , fake Appelton spots , French head and tail lights , Olds frt  caps , primer spots.  Pull  the choke idling through HOT SHOPPE ..   Drive parts truck for Rockville Ford ,get to go to DC to pick up stuff from FORD rebuild center, ( where I have 286" flatty built /flat rate guy at dealer doesn't bother to clean oil filter doing eng. swap ).. Join AF . drive '52 to Moses Lake , Wash for duty as Titan 2 missle mech.   Blow eng. in Pomona on way back from sch. in TEXAS , put used flattie w/loose valve seat and drive to Moses Lake , WASH .. Own a 48 Caddy for awhile , than another '52 FORD that was used for chickens !!  Build another 286" flattie , blow a clutch racing '55 Chevy V8 going for 2nd !! One head milled to much ,eats a valve , scores cyl.  Leave service, work CONOCO  gas station,  open to close , get fired for using customer car after hours doing donuts in snow with open exhaust , (cops can hear)  MOM sends $100 to get home to Maryland , (finds out I got title from mach. shop when I left WASH.) ,makes sure I send payments, that karma thing.  Work in DC at garage for THOMPSONS DAIRY in parts dept.  Build 296' flattie for '52.  Get into drag racing !!  grin grin  IF this isn't to much , more later cheers
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Age: 64
Location: cumberland plateau
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LTA 7/2013

« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2015, 02:18:09 PM »

Is not too much. Waiting for next chapter.


bub '07 - 140.293 a/pg   120" crate street mill  
bub '10 - 158.100  sweetooth gear
lta  7/11 -163.389  7/17/11; 3 run avg.-162.450
ohio -    - 185.076 w/#684      
lta 8/14  - w/sw2           
'16 -- 0 runs ; 0 events -- made a 2 state change in ZIP codes

" it's not as easy as it looks. "
                            - franey  8/2007
Speed Limit 1000
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Age: 68
Location: Denver, Colorado
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« Reply #2 on: November 26, 2015, 04:07:36 PM »

In the 60's I worked at an Ashland gas station then an ESSO. In 1972 joined the AF and got into Bonneville and as they say the rest is history grin

John Gowetski, red hat @ 221.183 MPH MSA Lakester, Bockscar #1000 60 ci normally aspirated w/N20
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Age: 67
Location: Wichita KS
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Robert W. P. "Stainless" Steele Wichita, Kansas

« Reply #3 on: November 26, 2015, 09:08:43 PM »

Just goes to show ya it ain't that hard to fall in with the wrong crowd!   cheers

Red Hat 228.039, 2001, 65ci, MSA Bockscar Lakester with a little N20 
MSA Bockscar Lakester #1000 my fastest mile 245 and change, 84 ci turbobusa motor... but Corey's 233 MPH H/BFL record is still 3MPH faster than mine.
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Location: Koozebane
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« Reply #4 on: November 27, 2015, 11:51:44 AM »

Just goes to show ya it ain't that hard to fall in with the wrong crowd!   cheers

No kidding!!

Heeey, this beer tastes like I'm not going to work tomorrow . . . . . .   wink

 cheers cheers cheers

I used to be a people person.  But people changed that relationship.

"There is nothing permanent except change."    Heraclitus

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."     Albert Einstein
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